Before the beginning began, there was not nothing. Nothing is a falsehood, a grim fantasy we tell ourselves when we’re feeling bleak, drawn, and beaten. If you go down, deep down between atoms where we once supposed there was nothing, you will find whole new worlds held up by elephants balanced on top of terrapins. Subatomic particles that follow their own rules of attraction and repulsion.

Sometimes when I’m sad I think about these sparkling “nothings” looking for true love. I prefer to delve deeper, though, to the sub-sub-subatomic particles, smaller than anything we’ve explored so far, following their own delicate lace pathways, grasping at straws, holding up my entire universe. Busy being “nothing.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that before Beauty and the Bitch began recording, there was plenty that happened. The “nothing” before creation wasn’t nothing.

Morgan and Mic met in Arkansas, somewhere around 2001. We rotated past each other many times, were drawn closer together without realizing, found each other infinitesimally. Before we sat down and decided to start this podcast and accompanying blog, we dated each other and not each other, passed notes, felt the thousands of tiny agonies that every teenager feels. We went on roadtrips, explored haunted places, drank too much yager, went to prom and then skipped prom and just sat by the water. We went to different colleges, fell in love with different people (with different results), and decided independently to move to Austin. We’ve both explored the world, or at least we’ve both explored little chunks of it, which is all you can really hope to do in a world so varied, and huge, and so mercurial. We’ve separated many times, died already a hundred little deaths, but life always brings us back together. So: we decided to do a podcast.

Welcome to 2017, which promises to be unlike any year before it.

And welcome to Beauty and the Bitch, which will explore fantasy, fandom, literature, music, trashy TV, love, kindness, fear and Austin. We’re both glad you’re here.