The whole point of a podcast is to add value to your listener base, and -IMO- to your own personal life.  For me, I have been a big fan of podcasts for the last 4 years, and used the app on my Iphone to fill my spare time with a variety of content.  I enjoy learning and laughing and listening to stories- especially if I can do all of those things from one platform!  That’s our goal:  we want to engage our listener (that’s YOU!), and enrich their day by making them laugh, and by discussing shared interests they (YOU!) may have with us.  That’s where this whole thing started, really.  When we’re together with friends, the conversation becomes riffs on riffs with each other, interweaving our favorite popculture plugs (i.e., every quote from Mean Girls), while discussing our latest loves, hates, and general interests (Westworld, a new book, our last taco from Torchy’s).  For us, it always feels kinda like a show anyway.  Peppered with jokes, role playing, games, our ratings on anything and everything, recommendations, and a promise to do it all over again next time we hang out.  OUR LIFE IS A PODCAST.  Okay, maybe not literally, but it certainly has the foundation for one!

That being said, Mic + I have a shared desire to expand our creative spark and bust out of the funk we often find ourselves in.  I’ve been saying for some time now that I thought our nonsense would make a good show- and now we’re finally making good on it!  We’re hoping to engage anyone who’d love to add a little joy to their lives, and everyone who can be patient while we navigate the waters of hosting.  We hope to bring in lots of our friends + others as special guests as time goes on, and develop a structure that is sustainable, and fun!

Thank you for following us on our quirky journey of expression, and PS don’t listen if you hate Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.


K, thanks.