Then, that one time, where you walked hand in hand with your dear friend, all the way to the end of the plank.  Shuffling along, with your ragged breaths, sleeplessness hanging off your every eyelash- you walked together.  Trying to recount the hours spent and the stress accumulated over the last couple of months.  To be true, it was a lot more than you had anticipated.  Nevertheless, you hold tighter- knowing you are not alone- and you continue along.  The plank seems never ending- as if the very notion that you would come to the end is outrageous.  As you see it draw near, it somehow gets longer.  You’re in a fun house.  You are in a fun house and you will never get out.  Somehow new obstacles pop up along the way.  Wedges try to erupt between you and your friends, and your collective destination.  Persistence.  This is what you remember with every sigh that escapes your mouth.  You think of Sauron and his ever present eyeball- bloodshot, and searching.  Always looking for the one thing to bring relief to his quest; even he found some resolution.  You will too.  So.  You carry on.  Step by step, you carry on.

Then, all but suddenly, it’s here.  You stare out at it.  A lot more anticlimactic than you had imagined.  It’s simply an email that says “your content has been published, look for it in the next 48 hours.”  OH.  That’s it?  All of that effort and research and time and emotion and laughter and…..fear; that’s how it comes to fruition?

So.  You take that deep breath, hold a little tighter, smile, and you leap.  You leap right off the edge, into the unknown.  What’s next?  Who cares.  Below are the ever rocky seas of criticism, comment, failure, effort, and the rest of the unknown- but who the fuck cares?  You did it.

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So. Much. Love.