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“These androids aren’t real people!”

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Have you been languishing in a television desert since the finale of Westworld? Have you been talking to toasters and seducing hand blenders while pining over Dolores and William’s tragic doomed love? Are you frankly not 100% certain what happened during the Season Finale?

Westworld is like Jurassic Park plus Blade Runner plus The Magnificent Seven plus soft core porn. Listen to our newest episode all about the HBO series and join us in throwing shade and reading each character to the floor. We let you in on all the rumors about Season 2 (premiering early in 2018) and fan theories about virtually every aspect of the show. We’re deeply guilty of not talking about Isaac Asimov or the Three Laws of Robotics, but the episode does include:


westworld maeve

  • an in-depth discussion of Episode 10, “The Bicameral Mind”
  • android anatomy
  • the path from Michael’s Crichton’s screenplay to book to movie to TV show
  • Westworld vs. Romanworld vs. Futureworld vs. Medievalworld vs. Samuraiworld?
  • Teddy/Cyclops
  • Why Hector and Armistice will grow up to be Death Eaters
  • The magnificent glory that is Maeve
  • Yul Brynner (and his bulge)
  • having sex with robots vs. killing robots
  • “Is that what you’re doing now? Practicing?” How humans are like robots
  • Reddit’s oracular power
  • why The Man in Black’s wife is afraid of him
  • Which One?
  • Second Opinions
  • and more!

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