If this was the 90s, you would be receiving this update via email (with clip art!) or maybe you would find it printed out and stuck in your mailbox. If I was really cutting edge, this update would be a series of pictures and arcane comments on Instagram. But this isn’t the 90s and I’m generally a Luddite, so you’re getting a blog update instead.

There have been lots of changes for me and Morgan in our personal and work lives over the past 2 months. But before I go into all that: have no fear! The podcast is safe and supported and we. Are. Committed. In fact, we’ll be ramping up our efforts in 2018. So gird your loins, BBs! There’s mad bitchiness (and at least moderate beauty) coming your way!

In fact, we thought you might enjoy a sneak peek at our upcoming episodes. Are you a fan of:

  • Stephen King?
  • awards shows?
  • Stranger Things?
  • The Golden Compass?
  • Spirited Away?
  • Star Wars?
  • Jumanji?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we have an episode coming out for you in the next five months! Please check out our RSS Feed or subscribe now on iTunes and Stitcher to ensure you don’t miss out on our…brilliance.


In personal and career news:

Morgan has just started a YouTube channel that you should all check out! Her day job responsibilities at Go Read include hosting a live show called Cover to Cover every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some of those episodes are on Morgan’s personal page but who knows what else will eventually appear there? Subscribe to be in the know!

I quit my day job a week ago and am working on polishing up an official author’s blog. I’ll link that once it’s sparkly. Until then, I’ve returned to a prior blog (with almost 700 followers!?) that I created back when I was an actor and drag queen, but now I’m using it as an informal writer’s journal. I’ve committed to 4-5 posts a week! Check it out for ongoing flash fiction series, poetry and more.

Upcoming events:

I will be gleefully present at Austin’s 2017 Armadillo Con, a fantasy and sci-fi conference that brings together tons of local creatives August 4-6! I’ll be taking classes, handing out business cards and (hopefully) making friends. If you’d like to come, tickets are $60 at the door.

Morgan and I will both be attending the Texas Book Festival November 4-5. If you’re in the Austin area and you’ve never attended this free festival, you’re seriously missing out! We’ll be attending all the cool events, geeking out and doing some guerrilla marketing.

Please let us know if you’ll be attending either of these events! We’d love to meet up!

Okie, thanks for reading, BBs! We’ve got some exciting content coming your way – Spirited Away episode will be live in just a few days!