Episode 021: Stranger Things


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stranger things

In this episode we welcome Sarah, our bff and local Netflix binge addict, to analyze the first season of Stranger Things. We’re bringing you a hot plate of cackling shade with side orders of conspiracy theories, behind-the-scenes information and fan theories about the upcoming second season. Catch up with us before it goes live Halloween 2017!

Dissection and discussion includes:

  • Netflix releases neither viewership nor budget information, but it’s probable that the first season of Stranger Things was produced for around 2 million dollars. One episode of Westworld cost half that amount.
  • The Duffer Brothers wanted to create “a long movie written by Stephen King with music by John Carpenter.” Did they succeed?
  • The soundtrack for Stranger Things was composed by Austin’s own S U R V I V E (Michael Stine, Adam Jones, Mark Donica and Kyle Dixon).
  • Real-life conspiracy theories are the backbone of the plot of Stranger Things. Check out The Mantauk Project and MKUltra if you’re eager to mistrust any and all authority figures.
  • Stranger Things has a set ending and will only be four seasons long.
  • Though it’s only eight episodes long, the first seasons feels much longer because it’s so dense and packed with intricate characterization (see: the first and last scenes, especially).
  • 80’s kid references add an extra layer of joy for anyone familiar with E.T., Stand By Me, The Goonies, JAWS, Alien, Predator or Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • Is Eleven the Demogorgon? Is it part of her? Or maybe an earlier experiment?
  • There will be at least four new supporting characters in Season 2 (including one played by SEAN AUSTIN!?).
  • No, that is not Jean-Ralphio!
  • Have you heard Millie Bobby Brown rap yet? She’s English, by the way (not Australian) and she’s going to be in the newest Godzilla remake.
  • Can Barb come back…somehow? No? Please?! You can check her out in Riverdale if you’re one of the billions of Barb fans! RIP BB BARB!


Frasier is a touchstone of 90’s kid culture – you should rewatch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime if you wanna reconnect with your childhood.

Check out I am Pilgrim if you’re looking for an gritty, engaging read about murder, acid attacks and a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

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Episode 020: His Dark Materials + The Book of Dust


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phil pull book of dust

This episode we’re tackling Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass) to catch everyone up for the upcoming release of his new series, The Book of Dust (beginning with La Bella Sauvage)! We tackle big, important topics like atheism, the death of god, the races in Pullman’s works, fantasy publishing and Morgan’s birthmark.

“They kill all those fools!”

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Episode 018: Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049


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For a movie that’s widely considered one of the best science fiction movies of all time, we’re pretty unimpressed with Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Somehow it was less thrilling and more sloppy than we remembered (but, you know, when would we ever judge someone for being boring and sloppy?).

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4 More “So Bad They’re Good” Movies


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Do we love bad movies for the same reason that we love watching a man fall down? Is it some mixture of schadenfreude and cruelty that keeps us coming back to waste more hours on bad dialogue, worse lighting, inane structure and the rest of the misfit toys?

I guess there might be a bit of that in it. Public humiliation is entertaining, to a degree. But I prefer to think that lists like this one (and the untold hours I’ve spent consuming trash) are instead rooted in a desire for vulnerability, in a search for a glimpse, scabs and all, of someone else’s soul.

That’s what reality TV originally had going for it. I wonder if it’s a similar hunger that lends cinematic monstrosities their lurid appeal? After all, for a movie to reach the heights of awfulness that are cataloged in this list, someone has to try really, really hard. And fail really, really hard. If the movie is completely phoned in, it falls so flat that no one wants to watch it for any reason, even to laugh at it.

Well, who knows. I just know that I love these shit-horrible movies. If there’s a movie that you’re shocked is missing from this list, make sure to check out our original post on this topic: “Top 5 ‘So Bad They’re Good’ Movies“!

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Podcast Episode 017: Emmy’s Predictions


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MORGAN. You’re so pretty. Morgan. We all love you.
In this episode Mic is nice to Morgan because she deserves it.

But mostly we discuss our predictions for the upcoming Emmy awards (9/17) and take a deep dive into heavy hitters like Westworld, Saturday Night Live, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Master of None, and The Handmaid’s Tale. We have opinions…and they might be dumb…but we’re sticking to them!

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4 ATX Events Happening in September


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Last month I attended Armadillo Con (a convention for speculative fiction authors and fans) here in Austin. It was my first local and intimate (read: small) convention experience and it opened my eyes to the whole glittering world of events, conventions and festivals that happen in this city. We’re! Popular!

Scroll on to check out four cool (and mostly free) events happening this month in Austin.
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Podcast Episode 015: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


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priz of azkban photo

We continue our twisting, ranty exploration of J.K. Rowling’s famous series with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Y’all know we love these books – we’re just so happy! Our conversation includes:

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Podcast Episode 014: Spirited Away


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spirited away 2

Sometimes you need a movie to just pick you up and carry you away, for a little while, from your reality. It’s a brutal world out there, BBs, and there’s no shame in needing to take a lil break.

Close your eyes and let our dulcet tones lead you deeper into Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Our conversation includes:

* Teen Girl Squad (her name is “What’s Her Face”)
 vacation drinks: pina colada vs. long island vs. coconut milk
*How I Met Your Mother
*Full House/Fuller House
Top 5 Miyazaki Movies
*the unique deliciousness of anime food
*a Secret History of No-Face
*Do you recognize the name Deveigh Chase? You should.
*Yubaba + Professor Slughorn = ugliest Slytherin babies ever
*the movie as “gateway drug” to anime, as comment on child prostitution, as coming-of-age story, as environmental sermon
*Japanese urban legends
* All Fantasy Everything
*2nd Opinions, games and more (AND MORE)!

Thanks for listening, y’all!




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