Episode 056: Hostful Episode – Sex and Politics


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Beauty and The Bitch are sitting down this week with Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, traveling theatre artist and sex educator (and Mic’s longtime friend). We discuss politics, problems she has with our podcast (?!), pop culture controversies and the general lack of female orgasms in media (we’ll help you find a few, no worries).

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Episode 055: Terry Brooks and The Shannara Chronicles


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Beauty and the Bitch have a collective revelation: we have missed out on years of books by Terry Brooks. Mic has read a few and Morgan has read none, but SOMEHOW we still manage to have opinions about everything.

Join us as we binge “The Shannara Chronicles”, have feelings about Terry Brooks impressive (and intimidating) output, discuss the current state of fantasy and lots of other shenanigans and bitchiness!

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Episode 054: Ant-Man and the Wasp


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Beauty and the Bitch are here to discuss all things Ant-Man and the Wasp, but we will not be skimping on the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL: Michelle Pfeiffer.

We’re excited to see how Janet van Dyne survived the Quantum Realm (remember? She got sooooo smaaallllll in Ant-Man!?!?) and have all the fan theories & predictions. Plus, we’re here to help you make connections between Marvel’s Infinity War, Ant-Man, and the rest of the MCU. What cameos do we predict? Who will die? Who will get VERY SMALL!?!?

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Episode 053: Preacher


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There’s nothing more sacrilegious than Beauty and the Bitch….except maybe Preacher!

Initially a graphic novel created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher has been brought to life on AMC by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (and company).  Now, we think this is an…interesting choice for AMC…and we have a lot of feelings.

Meander along with us as Morgan speaks unintelligently and Mic imparts to us (frequently and at length) of his vast comic book knowledge. Just kidding, they read the Wikipedia page.

We explore the vast filmography of Rogen & Goldberg, discuss pitfalls in casting and find various other things to bitch about (cuz, lets be real).

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Episode 053: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom


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Beauty and the Bitch are joined today by our good friend Sarah (dinosaur expert*) to discuss Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

Today we explore the drama of Hollywood, whether or not we actually would pay $$ to go to real-life Jurassic World, why high heels in Jurassic Park make us furious (I mean, come on), chemistry and lack thereof, our fave dinos, games and wordplay – AND SO MUCH MORE!

If you feel that deep nostalgia when thinking of Jurassic Park, but you’re also a cynical and judgmental bitch, THEN THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU!

*Y’all, she just likes dinosaurs a lot.

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Episode 051: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Pt. 2


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Beauty and the Bitch is bringing you Part 2 of our Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince discussion! We are again joined this week by Harry Potter superfan Ashley (@lifestyledxash)…and by two additional bottles of wine. All three are delicious and inspiring and our discussion is POPPING.

Book 6 is the beginning of the end of the series, of Voldemort, and of Harry’s childhood.  We continue our deep-diving into Harry’s complicated and angst-ridden relationships, sprinkling in games limericks and pertinent(?) information! We have some nit-picky things we need to discuss (like how good of a professor is Slughorn, really?), some top five lists (The WORST Professors Ever). And, y’all, TBH, so much nonsense and talking over each other and laughter. Basically we’re perfect. Check it!

Also, stay tuned till the end for our grand conclusion: Harry Potter inspired porn names (Drac-hoe Malf-whore!).

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Episode 050: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Pt. 1


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We’re joined again this week by Harry Potter superfan Ashley (@lifestyledxash)…and by two bottles of wine. All three are delicious and inspiring and our discussion is POPPING.

Book 6 is the beginning of the end of the series, of Voldemort, and of Harry’s childhood. We attempt to do it justice by slurring through a (pretty freaking decent) 2 Minute Recap and deep-diving into Harry’s complicated and angst-ridden relationships. Malfoy gets his five minutes of Beauty and the Bitch fame (okay, Mic just loves him and talks about him all the time) and Ashley calls out Harry’s male privilege.


Part 2 is coming next week, BBs!


Ashley Guerra is a HP enthusiast who stands by The Chamber of Secrets and believes in magic on the daily.

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Episode 049: Deadpool 2


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Listen, we love Deadpool. We think Ryan Reynolds is the brilliant and foul-mouthed antihero we deserve. In fact, we’re COMPLETELY behind the first installment of Deadpool (like, almost no scruples at all) and we predict that Deadpool 2 is gonna crush it (whether measured in dollars or giggles or both).

Come and relive our favorite Deadpool moments with a 2 Minute Recap (that Morgy crushes), games, secret histories, laughs at the expense of other movies and other humans and MORE.

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Episode 048: Solo: A Star Wars Story


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This week on the podcast we’re talking about sequels & Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is out just in time for summer blockbuster season. We’re (sort of) excited for it! We, of course, have some scruples (after all, this is “Beauty and the Bitch: Scruple-Cast”), but we’re very excited to see Donald Glover as a young Lando!

Sequels and spin-offs are a big part of the Hollywood landscape right now, so we also discuss these larger trends. Is creativity dead? Do we find the best writing in exploring characters further and elaborating upon fictional worlds, or is the whole practice simply lazy??? MAYBE BOTH? Come catch some feels with Beauty and the Bitch and go see Solo in theaters summer 2018!

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Episode 047: Slender Man & Urban Legends


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We both grew up with urban legends that led to sleeplessness, frightening fun with friends, and fear of the dark. These legends vary geographically and the most popular tales change over time as new fears are introduced. Slender Man is a recently developed urban legend that was born on the internet is and, frankly, scary as shit (!!).


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